Julekort Kristi fødsel ikonmotiv

Efrem forlag

Dobbelt julekort (12x17 cm) med konvolutt. 

Motiv: Pericope/bibelscene Kristi fødsel 

Fra Wikipedia:
The Pericopes of Henry II (GermanPerikopenbuch Heinrichs II.MunichBavarian State Library, Clm 4452) is a luxurious medieval illuminated manuscript made for Henry II, the last Ottonian Holy Roman Emperor, made c.1002 – 1012 AD. The manuscript, which is lavishly illuminated, is a product of the Liuthar circle of illuminators, who were working in the Benedictine Abbey of Reichenau, which housed a scriptorium and artists' workshop that has a claim to having been the largest and artistically most influential in Europe during the late 10th and early 11th centuries. An unrivalled series of liturgical manuscripts was produced at Reichenau under the highest patronage of Ottonian society. (Other centers include scriptoria at LorschTrier and Regensburg.)

Bokhyller: Alle utgivelser

Stikkord: Ikonmotiv, Julekort

Sjanger: Julekort

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